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Five things to consider when choosing a venue for your business event

In-person events, meetings and conferences are important staples in the business calendar for several reasons.

They provide organisations the opportunity to build bridges and make connections with existing and prospective clients, employees and other key stakeholders. Often, they are occasions that participants look forward to, not least because it provides them the chance to meet old and new faces and enjoy a change in environment away from their office or home desk.

More and more businesses are returning to hosting in-person events. While the value of teleconferencing solutions such as Teams and Zoom enabled organisations to get by during the pandemic, many have come to realise that there is no substitute for getting things done in person.

The statistics back this up. According to the UK Conference and Meeting Survey 2023, there were an estimated 1.02 million conferences and meetings in the UK during the 12 month period. This represents a significant recovery from the previous two years, which respectively saw just 0.2 and 0.44 million events held due to the ongoing impact of covid.

So, with business events firmly back on the agenda, how can enterprises ensure they make the most out of their meetings and conferences?

It starts by selecting the right venue. Get this right, and the foundation is set to host an event that attendees will extract maximum value from.

When selecting a venue, there are many considerations and questions that planners should consider. Here, we round up some of the most important aspects…


Is the venue easy to get to? How far do attendees have to travel? Is there readily available onsite parking for all guests?

These are just some of the questions that need to be asked to ensure the right location is settled on. If a venue is not practical to get to/from, this can have an immediately negative impact and even put participants off from attending altogether.

Organisers should also consider rural and urban as part of the discussion on location. While inner-city venues are more commonplace, events held in countryside locations can offer something entirely different from the usual hustle and bustle atmosphere. Consider whether proximity to nature and the great outdoors would help to create the environment and feel your business needs.


Another equally practical and important consideration is size. Here, it is vital to ensure the venue has the right sized room(s) and layout to accommodate your event.

Although the most common fear is not having enough space for your guests, it is also worth bearing in mind the impact that an overly large space will have if there are not enough people to fill it. In these situations, it can be difficult for attendees to engage with each other, which may have a dampening impact on the atmosphere.

Some events will also benefit from multiple spaces to make use of. For instance, after a long day of formal meetings, a separate space to host post-event food and drink or breaks can be a gamechanger, especially if there is access to attractive outdoor areas.

Style and décor

Once you have found a space to accommodate the size of your event, it is important to consider if it creates the ambiance that you are after.

Several factors contribute to this, including the decor, lighting, architecture and furnishings. A venue’s history can also feed into the atmosphere, adding a touch of additional intrigue and inspiration.

The best event and meeting spaces will be able to accommodate a variety of needs, from formal to fun and many other styles in between. Furthermore, they will be flexible enough to allow organisers to reflect their company’s brand image and values.


If your meeting or event centres around audio/visual presentations, the right venue will possess the equipment and expertise to pull these off with ease.

In today’s hyperconnected world, attendees will expect to tap into fast and reliable Wi-Fi so they can keep on top of their own communications. Access to charging/power points is another consideration, especially if the event is being held over a long period of time.

Technology should work seamlessly in the background and almost go unnoticed. Any glitches have the potential to negatively impact the attendee experience.


Whether it’s refreshments to keep you going during a long day or a showpiece meal or drinks reception at the end, the quality of catering can make a huge difference to how an event runs and is perceived by those attending.

A good on-site caterer will provide a variety of fresh and healthy food options to keep guests well fuelled. Get it right, and the food itself can be a conversation starter and add to the atmosphere.

These are just some of the most important things to considering when selecting a venue to host a business event. Whatever decision is made, be sure to research thoroughly a range of options, ideally visiting shortlisted venues in person before any decisions are finalised.

Luckily, Hartham Park offers a variety of event rooms and even outdoor space that is ideal for corporate events. With its state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, opulent internal styling and delicious on-site catering service, your event is sure to impress. There are even over 150 car parking spaces including electric charging points, and public transport links close by.

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