Returning to the workplace post-Covid – what’s changed?

As Covid-19 has swept across the globe, the way in which we work has undergone a rapid transformation. At the same time, so have our priorities. In addition to new social distancing regulations, a new outlook on the way we utilise our communal workspaces has completely shifted the conventional office dynamic – whether for better or for worse.

So, with so many conflicting opinions bouncing around, what should we expect to see?


Gone are the days of sticking to a rigid schedule and tethering yourself to your desk for eight hours per day. For those of us who have been working from makeshift workspaces in our homes, the strangely short commute to the kitchen table may well be starting to take its toll. Without a distinct division between our personal and professional lives, our performance and ability to be fully present in both will undoubtedly suffer.

In an office environment, we tend to act in accordance with social cues – perhaps setting a clear arrival or departure time, or allocating specific time frames to each task. As soon as we leave the office, these cues weaken or even disappear entirely, leaving us more prone to procrastination. However, surrounding ourselves with like-minded others helps to keep us in the right frame of mind. In smaller businesses, communal workspaces can be a lifeline for a little social interaction, whether that’s before, during or after their working day begins.


 As our homes morphed into impromptu offices, many people experienced a sudden spike in productivity as the hustle and bustle of office life subsided. With fewer incoming phone calls and less time-consuming chit-chat with colleagues, these employees found a newfound ability to fully focus on the task at hand.

On the flip side, those with children or other family commitments may have struggled to find a moment to step aside from the chaos and carry out even the smallest of tasks, such as making an important phone call. Regardless of the reasoning, even the most extroverted folk among us have now realised the importance of escaping to a distraction-free space every now and again – particularly if our homes no longer fulfil this function.


Let’s be honest, Covid-19 has thrown all sorts of additional considerations into the mix when it comes to finding a new workspace. From accommodating social distancing, to upholding rigorous hygiene standards and offering employees the opportunity to work remotely or drop into the office as and when they require, it’s rarely an easy process.

Access to the appropriate technology is a major concern too, with security and efficiency being a top priority for businesses – and rightly so. Rural regions of the UK may have been deemed safer during the pandemic, but they’re also notorious for their poor connectivity. Never assume that this is always the case, as sluggish internet speeds shouldn’t be a given when moving outside of the city.

Here in Corsham, we’re connected to Ark, a high integrity data centre delivering outstanding multiple cloud connectivity. Our members needn’t have to choose between practicality and splendour, and we’re incredibly proud to be one of the few venues providing them with outstanding technological capabilities as well as a safe, stunning backdrop for the day-to-day running of their business.

Interested in finding out more about our workspace? Simply get in touch to arrange a visit.

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